Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How do I book my event?

A: The Hart Community Centre requires a booking deposit to reserve your event date and agreed upon services. The booking deposit for the Main Hall is $500 for a regular weekend date and $1000 on long weekends. The Upstairs Hall is $300 for a regular weekend date and $600 on long weekends.

Q: What happens to my deposit if I need to cancel?

A: If you cancel at least 6 months before your event date AND we are able to re-book for that date, then we will refund your deposit. Otherwise, your deposit is non-refundable and is used to offset the loss of revenue.

Q: Can I bring in our own wine for the tables?

A: No, the Liquor License is the same as a restaurant’s; exception is that you may NOT bring your own wine into a catered banquet hall. No home brew U-brew allowed. You may purchase wine from us. Extra bottles will be available at the bar. Champagne is also available upon request; prices vary.

Q: Can I make a special request to add to the bar selection?

A: Yes, if you require a special type of liquor, please ask. We do require it to be purchasable through the BC Liquor Board as per our Liquor License. If the purchase is more costly, we will adjust price.

Q: Can I take the leftovers from my event home?

A: No.We ensure your event has sufficient food by preparing extra. As many servings as you and your guests can eat during the event is what we provide. The rest is used in the midnight snack and donated to St. Vincent de Paul’s to feed the less fortunate.

Q: When can I have my cake delivered?

A: You can have your cake delivered anytime after 3pm the day of your event. When planning the delivery, please note that we do not have any extra refrigeration space for your cake. Also, we do not want the responsibility of receiving your cake. Please arrange for someone to recieve and set it up on the cake table. We do not provide the fancy cake knife or cut or serve the cake. However, we will supply complimentary styrofoam plates, plastic forks, and napkins. Please bring an appropriate container for the remaining cake to take home.

Q: Is there anything else I should be aware of?

A: Sure…

    • We strongly recommend that you create a seating plan for your guests. A friend or relative can make your guests’ arrival smooth and comfortable if they are shown where they are to be seated.
    • Please remember you are responsible for your gifts and a container to put the envelopes in. We provide the gift table but everything needs to be removed the night of the event.
    • The decorations and centerpieces are the property of the hall. We typically start removing the centerpieces around 10pm. By this time, the candles have burned out and breakage becomes more possible as the evening progresses.
    • If you are unable to keep your consultation appointment and do not call to cancel, there will be a $50 no show fee. Extra consultations are $100.
    • If you decide to do some of your own decorating, you will be allowed to start at 9:00am on the day of your event. However, we only allow our chair covers and linens to be used in our hall.
    • When calculating your total number of guests, do not forget to include the number at your head table.
    • Each guest table seats 8-10 guests. If you want smaller numbers at each table, you will be charged the minimum 8 guests per table.

Square tables are 11- 14 guests.

  • Please remember to include any children invited in your total number of guests, as there will be no extra seating provided. Infants (under the age of one) not requiring a seat do not need to be included. You are NOT allowed to bring in your own chairs.